How to transfer a LPG Cooking Gas Connection

If you are moving from one city to another or within city then you have to transfer your LPG Cooking Gas Connection also. If you are not fully prepared then this may cost your time and money also. The process of gas connection transfer for HP Gas, Indane and Bharat Gas is more or less same.

Document Needed For Gas Connection Transfer
1.Original Gas Connection Paper like Original bill and Gas Diary etc (If you have lost the Original Gas Connection Paper then you have to provide an affidavit. Sample link of HP )

2.Document of New Address Proof
If you are moving to new location then I am assuming that you don’t have the Adhaar Card, Voter Id type documents with new address. Then you can give below documents
a. Employer Certificate
b. Self declaration attested by a Gazetted officer (This in rule but distributor might be reluctant)
c. Lease and License agreement (Even notarized agreement will work)

3.Name and Agency Code of New Distributor (if transferring within City)

Take all these document and go to your existing distributor. Write a letter requesting him to transfer your connection to new place. Mention your new distributors name and agency code. You can easily find the distributor of your new area on the website of LPG company or you can call and take no. from Just dial or Askme. You can also request your existing distributor to find the distributor in your new area. (If within City Transfer)

LPG Connection Transfer Within Same Distributors Area
Just go to your distributor and provide him proof of new address and ask him to deliver gas cylinder at your new address. He will initiate this change immediately.

LPG Connection Transfer Within City
Go to your existing gas distributor with all the documents. Write a letter for transfer of connection. Distributor will issue you a transfer termination voucher. Take this voucher, document of address proof and gas diary and go to new distributor. He will give you a new consumer no. and details will be updated on your Gas Diary. You don’t need to surrender your regulator and Cylinder.

LPG Connection Transfer Other City
Go to your existing distributor with original gas connection paper like bill, deposit receipt and gas diary. If you are moving from one city to another then you have to surrender your cylinder and regulator. After surrender distributor will issue you a termination voucher with your details of your new city. You will also get refund of your deposit against the regulator/cylinder. Take this voucher and go to distributor of your area in new city.

In new city you have to again go through process of new connection. You have to submit your KYC document like proof of identity and proof of address.

Website Link of LPG companies
Bharat Gas

Indane Gas

HP Gas

So if you are moving to another city or place these steps will help you more prepared for the transfer process

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