How to apply Online for Passport in India

So if you have collected all the necessary documents then go to and apply online for your Passport you can alternatively also apply at district Passport office. Go to New User and register now. Please pay attention to every word you are writing in to the application because you have to produce the document matching with the same. Please be care full while writing your name and address as Passport officer will match every word at Passport office. Email id is mandatory for registration. After registration login again to fill the application form. After login select required service (e.g. Apply for Fresh Passport / Reissue of Passport).

So through Online process you have 2 option to apply
Option 1: Download the form and upload later
Option 2: Fill the form online

Option 1:
Download Form, you can fill this offline also. Download e-Form and after filling the form please upload it on website.

Option 2:
This one is easy option. I will suggest you to fill form online in one sitting.

After login you will find a link to Fill online form. Select that option. After selecting this option you will get online form. Fill that form.

In reference section fill reference of your immediate neighbors only with phone no. As Police officer want to verify with your neighbors that you are living there If you are not a frequent traveler then I will suggest you to go for 36 page Passport booklet.You can watch the progress of the application form on the website on left hand side. Select SMS option update also. You will get all the update of your Passport application on your phone. The fee for this is only 30 rupees.

Now Its Time to Appointment
You can now check appointment date availability on Government Portal. This feature recently added by Portal. You can check availability of appointment across the nation Passport Seva Kendra here
After filling the form you will get an option to select your appointment date and time and online payment. So before you make request for online appointment please go through your application once. And then start process to make payment. You can select your nearest location from the list of Passport Seva Kendra. Choose the date and time and pay online. You can pay through internet banking, Debit card, credit card. After your payment the Passport application will be displayed, take a print out and keep it with you. Please take this print out at Passport Seva Kendra.

Now time come when your smartphone pay you. Make a reminder of date and time in your phone. Please reach 1 hour before your appointment time at Passport Seva Kendra.
Now its time to photocopy .
Make 4 sets of Photocopies. 2 For the Passport office and 2 for Police verification. Passport officers need only 1 set of your photocopies. Keep 1 extra set handy with you. Sign all the documents. No need for attestation from Gazetted officer. And remember to carry all original certificate and document with you. If possible take holiday on your appointment day. As it takes 1 to 3 hours to complete the whole process. You don’t need to carry your photo graphs. it will be taken at Passport Seva Kendra. If you want good photo then wear your favorite outfit on that day.
While filing application online take your all document in front of you. Please mention correct spellings as written in document. You are living at this place from which month all should be in front of you. Mistake of one month can cost you your 1 appointment.
At Passport Seva Kendra
Try to reach 1 hour before your appointment at Passport Seva Kendra. After preliminary checking of required document executives will issue you a token. Depending on appointments at that day your turn will come in within 5 minutes of issuing your token. There are four section inside the Passport Seva Kendra.
In Section A
This section will verifiy your all data written in application form. So by mistake you have written anything wrong in application you will get opportunity to correct here. Ask executive to correct that mistake here. Mistakes like spelling mismatch, wrong address, wrong reference.
Give reference of your immediate neighbors only. After verification of all your data Passport executive will take your biometric finger print.
At the time of online filling of application please tick for SMS alert option. Ask executive to register for SMS alert. You have to pay only 30 rupees and you will get all the alerts on progress of your Passport file. Like your file sent to Police station, contact your Police station and many other alerts.
After this your photograph will be taken and biometric capture will be done. In last step your all documents will be scanned and uploaded on Passport system.

Section B and C:
In section B and C all your documents will be verified. If you forgot your any document or if they demand any additional document then they will give you next days time to collect that. You can come next day with document and without appointment.

In Section C
Final checking of document.
In Section D
Granting of Passport.

This process may to 1 to 2.30 hr depending on the appointments. Before exit don’t forgot to collect your acknowledgement receipt.
In next 3 days you will get SMS from Passport Seva Kendra that your file has been sent to your Police station for Police verification. If you have not registered for sms facility then you can check your status at

After exiting from Passport Seva Kendra download mPassport Seva Application from Google Play Store, Apple Store, Windows Phone or Blackberry World. This will help you in tracking your application. Keep your Passport application no. is your note pad so you can easily track your application.

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