Process of Police Verification for Passport in India

Police Verification is the most important step for Passport application process. After successful submission of your all the documents, your file will sent electronically to your local Police station. Within 3 days you will get a SMS from Passport Seva Kendra that your application has been sent to Police station for Police verification. After getting this SMS wait for 1 more day as Police station might not downloaded your application. Then visit your local Police station to esquire about your file. Take Passport acknowledgment copy with you. Police will guide you what type of documents they need. If possible take mobile no. of Police officer who is coming for verification. He will tell you at which time he will come. I will suggest you to be at home because that Police officer will confirm from your neighbors that you are living there. At the time of online application write name and no. of these neighbors. If possible inform them that you had given there name and no. as a reference in Passport application, in case they receive call from Police so they can easily verify you. If you are not living at your present address since last one year. Then inform your previous neighbors also that Police officer may come to visit your old house so they can verify your address. Inform the tenant also if any one living at your previous address. Don’t take this as casual exercise otherwise your Passport will be in trouble.

Document for Police Verification
Police officer may ask you for some extra documents apart from you had given for Passport. So what they expect from you.

2 photographs

2 sets of document you had given for Passport (Already Mentioned in Previous Post)

1.If you are married then they may ask you for your Marriage Certificate or Marriage Affidavit. You can easily make Marriage affidavit at any of court this may not cost you more than 200 rupees.

2. If you are living on Rent then be ready with all these documents
a. No objection certificate of your owner
Please ask your owner to write a NOC on plain paper. Content may be like below:
I am the owner of this house with address and I have no objection in issuing Passport to my tenant (your name ) at this address. This NOC should be signed by your owner.
b. NOC from society
This should be on letter head of society. Content may be like below:
To the Police officer Station Name, so and so person living here since and society have no objection in issuing him Passport at this address. This NOC should be signed by Secretary or Chairman with society stamp.
c. They may ask you about Tenant Registration Certificate also. If Police registration of tenant is compulsory in your area then go with your owner at your nearest Police station to register that your are living on rent. Take 2 photographs of yours and photographs of person living with you. 2 photo copies of your rent agreement and copy of your identity proof and permanent address. In some cases Police may not ask for this but it is good if you have register for this.
Your Police verification may take 2 days to complete depending on at what time cop is coming at your house for verification. First they physically verify that you are living at this place and second they will call you at
Police station with all these documents. Don’t forgot your original document at your home.

What if Police ask for bribe
If you have all the document and cop is reluctant to clear your file then record your whole conversation with cop on your smart phone. After Police verification you can easily track status of your file on mPassport Seva mobile app or here

If you are a student and studying in other state for more then 1 year then Police verification will be done at your permanent resident also. If there is any court case pending against you then you need courts permission to issue you a Passport.

How Much time it takes after Police verification to issue Passport

If you have submitted the application and Police clearances is not required then normally Passport will be dispatched within 3 working days. If you have applied for Passport and Police verification has done. Then normally it takes 15-30 days to reach the Passport to you. After Police verification your file goes to CID department for
further investigation and finally to SP office. After receiving report from SP office action your passport will go for printing. After this normally it will take 3 to 6 days for dispatch.

The process of Passport making looks difficult but once you start working on this then it becomes easy.


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